Led Driver Components

Led Driver Components is a important part of any led lights. Electrolytic capacitor, resistors, Bridge rectifier, diode, led. this components basically used for led light driver.

Led Driver Components

Led driver.

Led Driver is a self Connected for Power supply which is the outputs are matched to electrical Characteristics of Led ‘s. Led driver is power regulator. Led driver is responsible for regulating and supplying the ideal current to the Led.

Led Components

Led Components is used in indoor and also outdoor light. Led Components is important part of led lights.

Led Components

Components of Led Driver Circuit

1) Electrolytic capacitor (non-polarized 2.2μF)

2) Four resistors (1KΩ,10KΩ, 22KΩ, 390KΩ)

3)Bridge rectifier.

4) Zener diode (4.7V)

5)An LED (Bright white LED)

6) And, a polarized capacitor (47μF)

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